About Armageddon Daze

In the year 2025, the world we knew swiftly ended in an explosion of bloodshed. Hidden armies of vampires revealed themselves to the world in an attack of cataclysmic violence that slaughtered millions in a fortnight. Fifteen bitter years of war have followed, human survivors the world over banding together to fight against the oppressors and doing their best to rebuild some semblance of our fallen society.

America now is a wild and dangerous place to eke out existence. Rugged militia soldiers and frontiersmen salvage the remains of the old world and adapt to the best of their ability to the changed world, developing new weapons and technology. Humanity has built fortified settlements in the hearts of the towns and cities that were not already blasted with nuclear armaments in desperation years ago, while vampires have laid claim to the territories they can and grown hives and nests underground to protect themselves during daylight hours. Both sides have waged what seems an endless war upon one another, neither faction gaining much ground.

But now the balancing scales in this war are tipping. A horrific new development has emerged, swiftly gaining ground in the last year: the dead are walking the land, attacking human settlements and vampires nests alike. Sweeping north and west across the ruins of America and driving everyone relentlessly before them, spreading faster than can be contained, and violently poisonous to any vampires who mistakenly try to consume them. And the bite of the infected will transform living humans into mindless killing machines like themselves.

We follow the paths of Jack—a soldier crossing the country from Kentucky to Colorado to enlist with the human forces gathering there to take back the lost city of Denver from the vampires—and Micah, a mysterious figure who enters Jack’s life and whose own agenda requires he quickly reach Denver as well to try and convince his people that if they don’t change their ways, extinction looms from this new threat. And where did these strange shambling creatures we can only call “zombies” come from? How can their spread be stopped? What is the desperate endgame of Doctor Andrew Reichart?

Mashing multiple genres and styles into an encompassing vision of the future, Armageddon Daze is the first part of a trilogy that explores various dystopic tropes. Cutting-edge science-fiction, cyclopean horror, a taste of Old West-style gunslinging, and medical thriller come together in a bold new interpretation of legendary memes. These aren’t the vampires and zombies you might expect, but are rooted in chilling scientific theories that could one day come true.

If you love bloody vampire stories and gory zombies, I think you’ll love this as well. Suitable for most teenagers and adults. Includes some mild romance but no graphic sexuality, and very little hard language.

This novel is being published in a serialized format. Act 1 is available right now on the Amazon Kindle store and contains about 45,500 words. Act 2 is in progress and will follow shortly.


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